My Top Five Likes and Dislikes About Malaysia

Things I Like about Malaysia:

1. Despite huge differences of religion and cultural backgrounds, I admire that the Malaysians are able to live and work together in such peace and harmony. An example for the rest of the world.

2. Almost everyone I have met can speak a second language to some extent, and many people speak at least three languages fluently.  An example for the English speaking nations.

3. The incredible friendliness, hospitality and generosity of the locals.

4. Delicious food, especially at the hotel buffets.

5. The elegance and stylishness of the Malaysian people.  (Western tourists seem to be the worst dressed people in Malaysia!)


Things I Dislike about Malaysia

1. Small children and youth on motorcycles without helmets

2. Smoking in restaurants

3. Lack of punctuality (the starting time is almost never the starting time!)

4. Rubbish dumped on the side of the street

5. Stray cats


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