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In 2007, I invited flutists from around the world to participate in a major international survey on injury prevention and management for flute players.  Many people expressed an interest in the survey results, so I am pleased to announce that my thesis is available for free download from the Griffith University Research Collections.  Click on the following link to access my thesis “Understanding contributing factors and optimizing prevention and management of flute playing-related musculoskeletal disorders” or go to the Griffith University website, click on ‘staff’ or ‘student’, then ‘library’, then do a search on my name.

I’ve also published another article recently on “The Physical Challenges of the Flute Playing Position” in “InTouch”, the magazine of the Musculoskeletal Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  Click on this link to download the article.

Thank you for your interest in my research.  I am working towards similar research projects here at UPSI in Malaysia where I now hold a senior lecturing position.

Greetings to all from Malaysia!

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  1. Thank you Karen for making your thesis available! I have downloaded and begun reading it. Congratulations, and I look forward to learning from it and applying what I find to both my playing and teaching. Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Andrew. Great to hear from you. Hope you enjoy reading the work.

  2. Guten Morgen, Dr Lonsdale.
    Ich wohne im Melb. Gebort im Klang, Selangor.
    Glad that you are linking West to East.
    I am a music-lover.
    Herlizche Grusse
    Peter Lim

    1. Hi there Dr Lim, good to hear from you. Thanks for commenting on my post!


  3. Dear Dr Lonsdale,

    What is your personal email address as I wish to share?
    I have written about my life in Malaya****….also an article MUSIC IN MALAYA? (a reminiscence)—not accepted for publication in Australia).
    **** not intended for publication
    Have lived in Australia since 1995.
    You must have read lots of Somerset Maugham, Antony Burgess, Han Su-Yin,
    Paull Theroux, Faconnier (spelling?) The French planter who wrote …? which won a prize in France
    Sir Frank Swettenham, Sir Hugh Clifford, Sir Stamford Raffles…
    THE JUNGLE IS NEUTRAL (Chapman? he committed suicide after returning to UK-
    last post as HM-
    MALAYA UPSIDE DOWN 9Harry Miller–UK journalist)

    So much to write on Malaya/Malaysia but so little has been written…
    I have much more to say but should be over-excited as I don’t know you.
    Enjoy Malaysia–I also have a long list of LIKES and DISLIKES.
    Peter Lim

    1. Thanks for the literature suggestions. Life is extremely busy, so I probably won’t get to them for a while.

      I appreciate you writing. My email:

      Look forward to receiving your article.

  4. Hi Karen,

    For a while I’ve been considering how to go about doing some study on flute players and their injuries… and now I see you’ve done something similar already!

    It seems there’s not much in Aus in terms of studying performing arts medicine, and I’m reluctant to go the physiotherapy route.

    Can you give any tips on how to get into this kind of study and work?

    You can reply here or feel free to email me 🙂

    Going to read your thesis now…



    1. Hi Anna,

      Thanks for the question and for looking at my site.

      There are quite a lot of masters and doctoral level researchers in this field in Australia now. If you would like to do related research in Australia, I suggest enrolling in a degree at a university which has an exercise science/physiotherapy school, or a medical school, and insist on having at least one supervisor from that school, as well as at least one supervisor from a music school. I am most familiar with the work being done through Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium, University of Sydney, and University of Queensland. It is possible to do this type of interdisciplinary work through any of those universities. The Queensland Conservatorium has a DMA programme which can be completed as a distance student (except for a few assessments/workshops).

      Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,

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