Moving on

Freelancing has been exciting but also incredibly energy draining!  As I get older, I’m less inclined to live on the edge and wait by the phone (or nowadays, the computer!) for work.   Working casually or part-time for various organisations has meant that no week of my life has ever been the same for many years, but on the down side, there has also not been the opportunity for promotion.  One walks in and out of every job, and there is no commitment from any employer for further work.  (Not to mention no, or little superannuation, no holiday pay, or leave of any kind.)  It can be utterly relentless in terms of the necessity to work constantly, and generate work opportunities to keep one’s head above water.  It was fun while it lasted, but the time has come to move onwards and upwards!  Therefore, I’m delighted to officially announce that I will be starting a new, full-time job as Senior Lecturer, Faculty for Music and Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) in Malaysia next month.  This is a two-year contract, and to be honest, I’m not sure where life will take me from there!

I’ll be doing my last two concerts in Australia this coming Tuesday at the Salvation Army Temple in Brisbane, and on Saturday 25th at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore.  (See my diary for full details).

Very much looking forward to writing more posts from Malaysia.  For now, there’s still more packing to do!

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