Queensland Summer Flute Workshops

Queensland Summer Flute Workshops, January 2012

Click link for enrolment form: Queensland Summer Flute Workshops 

Director:  Dr Karen Lonsdale

It  has been such a pleasure to hear AMEB examination performances in New South Wales, ACT and more recently Queensland, over the past 15 years.  Hearing so many talented, up and coming flute players is a great thrill, and witnessing the wonderful work that flute educators are doing is inspirational.

The role of an AMEB examiner is to report on the work presented, not to teach a player how to improve particular aspects that may have been weak.  This side of examining has at times felt frustrating, as on many occasions, there was recognition that the candidate was more than capable of playing to the required level, or answering a question, but simply didn’t have the current skills or knowledge to do so.  As a response to this, it has been a long term dream  of mine to design a workshop package whereby advanced flute students can participate in a range of sessions that will assist them in their exam preparations.  The outcome of attending these workshops will be more confident exam performances and much greater accuracy and specificity in the general knowledge component of your flute exam.

The Queensland Summer Flute Workshops will be held in January, and include sessions on solo playing, form, flute history, style, aural skills and musical analysis. Each student will receive comprehensive handouts to use for study purposes.  I will be taking a class called “The Dot Point Version of General Knowledge for AMEB Exams”, as well as “A Concise History of the Flute and Flute Playing”.  I am delighted to be working alongside Ms Anna Lu, a well respected aural and theory specialist who will be presenting the morning sessions on improving aural skills as well as showing students and teachers how to analyse works from the flute repertoire.  Ms Lu will also present sessions on standard musical forms such as the sonata and sonata form, as well as discussing the characteristics of Baroque dances, such as the minuet, sarabande, and siciliano, among others.

I warmly welcome advanced flute students who are preparing for 2012 AMEB Grade 7 to Diploma level exams and their teachers, to attend the Queensland Summer Flute Workshops, to be held at the MTAQ Auditorium in Taringa from January 9 – 12, 2012.  This is your opportunity to participate in 4 days of intensive flute exam preparation workshops.

One of Queensland’s most experienced flute accompanists, Ms Kathy Sander will accompany all solo masterclasses.

Am very excited to introduce these new workshops to you, and look forward to assisting you reach your potential in your next AMEB exam!

Dr Karen Lonsdale holds degrees from the Queensland Conservatorium, Hochschule for Music in Munich and Griffith University.  She is an AMEB flute examiner and has presented at major music conferences in Australia and the USA, such as the Australian Flute Festival, National Flute Association Convention, and Performing Arts Medicine Association Symposium.


Queensland Summer Flute Workshops

January 9 – 12, 2012, 9:30 am – 3:30pm.

Music Teachers Association of Queensland

26/200 Moggill Road, Taringa, Brisbane (parking available on site)

Further information and enrolment forms:  

Dr Karen Lonsdale

Mobile 0412 002 802

Email kazflute@gmail.com

Web www.karenlonsdale.com

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