Where are all my students?

Being a freelance musician, my schedule is completely different almost every week of the year.  Some weeks I may be recording, playing chamber concerts, doing pit work, or cabaret shows with X-Collective.  Over the past few years, I’ve also toured annually, adjudicated and examined away from home, and attended conferences both interstate and overseas.  Considering all this, I am incredibly blessed to have a terrific bunch of students who are always very accommodating, and flexible when it comes to changing lesson times.

But, something has changed this week!  I am the one sitting at home, while several of my students are on concert tours in various parts of the world!!  Here’s what they are up to:

Brijette Tubb is the Principal Flute of Queensland Youth Orchestra II, which is currently in Sydney.  Joining Brijette in the flute section as a guest is my student Jo Lagerlow.  While a fabulous flute player, Natalie Wong is also in the orchestra, but playing violin!  Mel Wong, Natalie’s older sister, learns flute with me too,  plays with Queensland Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony and is in Sydney, but supporting QYO II from the audience!  If anyone would like to hear the orchestra play, here are the details of their concerts:

Saturday 26 June 7pm, performance at Sydney Town Hall in opening concert of the Australian International Music Festival

Sunday 27 June 2pm, concert at Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium with Sydney Youth Philharmonic

Monday 28 June 3.00pm, performance at Sydney Opera House

Tuesday 29 June 7pm, performance at Angel Place Recital Hall

Jennifer Chen, at 14 years of age, will sit for her Associate in Music, Australia (AMusA) performance diploma on flute later in the year.  However, like Natalie, she is also a very accomplished violinist, and currently on tour in Europe with the Brisbane Girls’ Grammar Orchestra.

Corinne Edgeworth will be touring China from next week with the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra.

Finally, Clairice Boreham and Emily Smith, two students from Flutter Flute Quartet (who I coach at the Queensland Conservatorium), are both in Europe, attending masterclasses and other flute events.Here is a YouTube link featuring Flutter, which also features Brijette Tubb and Latham Horn.

Very proud of everyone, and I think it’s a first that I’m the one at home, while my so many of my students are touring!  But, not for long!  I have  two trips to the USA coming up in July and August.  More later!

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