Beautiful music in the cathedral

Listening to young musicians at the Ipswich Eisteddfod last week was a joy.  The youngest in the competition was 5, and I had to laugh when one tiny tot literally had to climb knees and hands first onto the piano stool to play in the 6 years and under piano section.  Impossibly cute!   I heard some fantastic piano playing in particular in the 10 years and under section, and some of the older piano sections.  Hard to believe such young people can be so musically advanced.  It did make me think a lot more about the physical consideration of beginner flute players, who have to contend with holding their instrument in the air to one side of the body, as well as blow large amounts of air to make a sound.  I’ll be talking more about this subject at the National Flute Association convention in Anaheim, USA, this August.

This week, I’m so honoured to be playing the flute part in the John Rutter Requiem with the Brisbane Chorale at St. John’s Cathedral in Brisbane.  When I first heard the choir sing, there were tears running down my face, as I was so moved by the beauty of the sound.  It’s truly beautiful music, with some gorgeous flute solos.  The work is scored for choir, soprano soloist, flute, oboe, cello, harp, timpani and glockenspiel.  Here are some YouTube links to the Pie Jesu and the Sanctus by the Monteverdi Choir, Germany.  Hope to see some of you at St. John’s Cathedral this weekend.

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