A week gone already

How did that happen?  A week gone already since my last post.  Guess life is getting extra busy again!

Last weekend was pretty jam-packed with a whole day of flute examining for the Australian Music Examinations Board on Saturday, followed by a recording on Sunday.   I was thrilled when Ross Stevenson invited me to play flute for a CD recording at the Ghost Gum Studio at Cannon Hill, Brisbane.   It was huge fun playing a long list of concert music and marches by American composer, John Philip Sousa.  It’s been a long time since I’ve played anything like it, but I certainly recalled some of the dangers inherent in playing the many repeated stanzas, da capos, and key changes.  There were semiquavers galore, my thing normally, but after 6, 7, 8 hours of recording, the eyes get somewhat blurry and it becomes harder and harder to focus on the trillions of black dots!  Nevertheless, it was a great scratch band of good readers, so we managed to put down most of a very big selection of music.  The clarinettist was an old school friend who I literally hadn’t seen since high school, when we played together in the Brisbane State High Concert Band and Orchestra, in um…..um….oh, what the heck, 1984.  The pianist and several of the string players were Russian and I could rave endlessly about how magnificently they all make music.  I play flute with quite a big sound, therefore, it’s extremely easy to blend with string players who play with such warmth and passion.   Am keen to hear the final result after the editing is done, I guess over the next couple of weeks.

Then yesterday, a large group of Queensland Conservatorium doctoral students attended a “virtual colloquium”, in other words, an online class discussing our research.  Some students were attending the session on campus, others in their homes around Brisbane, as well as two others in Melbourne and Singapore.  The majority of students used sound and video devices, and each of us had to “tick” a box to indicate when we wanted to contribute to whatever the discussion topic was at any given time.  Even though I have used Skype for several years, it was the first time I had participated in a “virtual” class and I have to say, it was totally cool!!  Apparently the Conservatorium will be creating more opportunities for students to meet online, and probably also to chat individually with supervisors about their research projects.  Ain’t technology amazing!

Most of next week, I will be adjudicating at the Ipswich Eisteddfod. (Ipswich is a small city about 45 minutes drive from home.)   More blogging after that, no doubt!

Ciao for now.


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