YouTube Junkie

Some people watch daytime soapies (have no idea why), some watch reality TV, but I must confess to being a YouTube junkie.  Thankfully I show almost zero interest in television, so do have some spare time to devote to YouTube!  Funnily enough, one of my teenage flute students introduced me to YouTube a few years back.  She insisted I watch some of her favourite pop songs, and in the process, was introduced to the music of some really very talented performers, and discovered a few of my own new favourite artists.   I’ve started to put a list of my old and new favourites together under my “Video” tab (“Favourite Performers”) but wanted to introduce you to a group of singers I am currently completely addicted to: The Real Group!  This exceptional a cappella vocal ensemble comes from Sweden, but sings a lot of standard jazz and pop tunes in English.  One of my favourite Real Group performances is in Swedish!  Anyone who really knows me well also knows that I absolutely love foreign languages, but in this case, I have no idea what they are singing about.  Maybe a Swedish reader can help me??  Anyway, the intonation and ensemble blend is superb, as with so many of their performances.  Check them out on YouTube but here is one I sing along with (yes, in Swedish)!

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